Ethiopia | Light Roast

Ethiopia | Light Roast


12 OZ bag.

Washed processed Yirgacheffe is the taste of sunshine, botanical gardens, and happiness. This is from the Kochere subregion, which we highly anticipate the arrival of each year.  This area grows some of the highest regarded and most expensive Yirgacheffe beans, grown around 6000 feet above sea level. 

Generally speaking, Yirgacheffe coffees have a floral and lemon flavor — sweet, juicy, bright, floral, tea, citrus  (think jasmine, lemondrop) -- and that holds true here, but extremely intense.  You smell the sweet flowers as soon as you grind it, and at first sip it is hard to keep a straight face.  It is one of the most flavorful, intense, delicious washed Ethiopians we've ever had come through the shop.

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